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Die Hard 2007

By: Bruce Willis,Timothy Olyphant,Justin Long,Maggie Q,Cliff Curtis,Jonathan Sadowski,Andrew Friedman,Kevin Smith

Release: 27 June 2007


Genre: Action,Adventure,Thriller

Princess Protection Program TV Movie 2009

By: Demi Lovato,Selena Gomez,Nicholas Braun,Molly Hagan,Johnny Ray Rodriguez,Jamie Chung,Samantha Droke,Robert Adamson

Release: 26 June 2009


Genre: Comedy,Drama,Family

Project A 2 1987

By: Jackie Chan,Maggie Cheung,Rosamund Kwan,Carina Lau,David Lam,Bill Tung,Sam Lui,Regina Kent

Release: 19 August 1987


Genre: Action,Comedy,Crime

Red Line 2013

By: Nicole Gale Anderson,John Billingsley,Kunal Sharma,Kevin Sizemore,Joe Williamson,Mark Saul,Keena Ferguson,Renee Sly

Release: 16 July 2013


Genre: Thriller

I Cant Think Straight 2008

By: Lisa Ray,Sheetal Sheth,Antonia Frering,Dalip Tahil,Nina Wadia,Ernest Ignatius,Siddiqua Akhtar,Amber Rose Revah

Release: November 2008


Genre: Drama,Romance

Sherlock Holmes A Game of Shadows 2011

By: Robert Downey Jr.,Jude Law,Noomi Rapace,Rachel McAdams,Jared Harris,Stephen Fry,Paul Anderson,Kelly Reilly

Release: 16 December 2011


Genre: Action,Adventure,Crime,Mystery,Thriller

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